Friday, March 27, 2015

Beating Depression: The Power of Positive thinking works

Friends: “most especially else, guard you heart for it’s the well-spring of life”

I recall telling an friend this quote once and his reaction was: “That is deep…!”

He was experiencing a depressing situation of his life and was discussing it with me, we discussed techniques of overcoming depression and I thought about that verse. Yes, folks it’s a verse from the Bible, and it's among the most powerful ones that may be affirmed or repeated for defeating depression through one’s thoughts.

With the several side-effects affiliated with synthetic drugs for addressing depression, it's rather necessary to say looking for alternate methods of depression treatment will be better and wise for defeating depression. Among these alternatives is altering one’s thinking (and speaking) habits about life and its challenges.

As its name hints, positive thinking is a habit of accepting first that there are issues and challenges we might be facing, but in order to defeat them to avoid the inevitable depression that might result, we have to think with the mind-frame of success and triumph in mind. If using this for defeating depression and our challenges, it involves forcefully using positive thoughts and affirmations in the aim of beating the negative pessimistic thoughts.

Always look for the good in every situation and this at times might require some true action on our parts. Analyze the issues, ask why it might be happening, what you might have done to provoke or not prevent it from happening, your options of being able to fix it and who you might have to turn to for help.

Looking for spiritual guidance and help while utilizing positive thinking for defeating depression, is likewise a great suggestion. As overlooked as this might be,using affirmations one can repeat mantra-like in thoughts and speech and with the correct attitude, you almost inevitably discover the answer to your issues. Is this charlatanism or magic? No. Your thinking process produces your world. Remember: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…”

Other things to bear in mind when utilizing positive thinking for defeating depression are to apply the proven techniques of a proper diet and exercise to produce a healthy body and consequently a clearer and healthier brain which will be more capable as a  tool for overcoming depression.

Will positive thinking always work? It will be safe to state, like with anything else, you'll only get out of it what you put into it. But, with the correct mental attitude and mind-frame, it sure will beat defeating depression through a bunch of adverse drugs.

Do bear in mind though, it's the first step to working out a problem. Furthermore, as far as issues in life remember in the words of Charles de Gaulle: "Difficulties attracts the man of character because it is in embracing it that he realizes himself!"

Life’s issues should act as spur for action not escaping from them. Considering this, positive thinking obviously is the opening move to ensuring that you make the correct move for defeating depression and challenges in life.

According to your faith (views and actions), it's up to you.

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